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Woodruff American Civil War Veteran Project

Welcome to the Woodruff Family History's Woodruff American Civil War Veteran Project. The purpose of this project is to identify every member of direct lineage to Mathew & Hannah Woodruff of Farmington,Connecticut that served during the American Civil War, 1861 - 1865. Whether they served on the side of the United States of America or the Southern States of Rebellion, aka the "Confederate States of America" you will find them listed within this project. This website is a working research project and is designed to locate and digitize as many documents that relate to the project's title. As these documents are collected they will be offered free of charge to anyone who wishes to educate themselves further on the members of this family.

To utilize the website, click on either the Union or Confederate pages linked above, a four column list will appear. The list is in alphabetical order excluding the surname as they would all be Woodruff. Next, they are identified by Woodruff Family Tree number, followed by birth/death information and finally the father's name. Once you locate the family member you are looking for, click on the name (if their records are online, the given name will be underlined and will change colors when you move the cursor over it). If the records are available online you will be taken to a Dropbox storage location where you can view or download the records as you desire.

If you require additional assistance in locating the correct Woodruff Family member please use the search engine located below
or contact either the sponsor or research team listed below.

This project is sponsored by JLD Woodruff and researched by American Civil War Ancestor